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It has been brought to my attention that someone has (unknowingly) created a Facebook page titled East Texas English Bulldogs. Although the pictures of their bulldogs are good looking, they ARE NOT, East Texas English Bulldogs. We are the original, one, and only. It appears they have been in operation since 2013. We have owned the website and domain since 2009, and have a combined 25 years of experience. I have spoken with the owner of the Facebook page, and she was sincere and apologetic, but she has failed to change the name of her Facebook page. So...if you are looking for East Texas English Bulldogs please be aware that we do not operate a Facebook page, although you can like us, and share us via Facebook or twitter. If you do not speak with Clyde or Pat, or send correspondence through this website, then you are NOT dealing with the experience, health, proven lines, or quality that East Texas English Bulldogs has taken years to build.
Kandace has a new litter born 5/15 with black, seal and fawn puppies! click here. Pat currently has 1 adult female available! click here.
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Marine corps english bulldogs
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We hope you can find the newest addition to your family here. AT East Texas English Bulldogs, we are dedicated to breeding and raising high quality English and Olde English Bulldog PETS! that will improve the breed for years to come. Our dogs are raised inside of our home, and receive lots of love and attention. They are outstanding with children (we have 5 from 5 yrs of age to 16) as well as other animals, so they come kid tested, mother approved, and very socialized. From time to time we will also post puppies for sale from breeders that we recommend. We are all about providing great PETS to great Families, so if we do not have any available at the time, we will post some from reputable breeders that we recommend so that you will still have the opportunity to find the newest addition to your family with out the risk of running into scams, or puppies that just arent up to par. Obviously I am a United States Marine, so naturally I had always wanted an English Bulldog and after begging the boss (my wife) for sometime, she finally agreed to let me buy one, and from day one the newest addition to our family was set in stone.  All of our dogs are AKC, IOEBA, and or CKC registered, come with a health record, gurantee, and health certification from our Vet. If you have never owned a Bulldog, or would like to know more about the breed check out www.bulldoginformation.com for English Bulldogs, and http://oldeenglishbulldoggeinformation.webs.com/ for Olde English. Both sites have a lot of great articles and cover everything from health to choosing the right puppy. Also check out www.dog-harnesses-store.com for awesome bulldog harnesses and accessories. Last but not least if you are a United States Marine (active, inactive, or reservist) I will gladly give a 10% discount for your service in the toughest most prestigious fighting force in the world, but I will require an I.D. and, or form DD214. Once again thanks for visiting, and "GOOD NIGHT CHESTY WHERE EVER YOU ARE".
CELL: (903)985-4366
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